Fated Romantic Fantasy Anthology
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Camp Sarnath

Short Story - Graphic Novel, Comedy Fantasy


A story pitched as Calvin & Hobbes meet Elder Gods.

  • Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell: The Terrible Twos (Wannabe Press)

  • Coming 2020

The Death Of Sleeping Beauty

Short Story, Horror Fantasy


You think you know the story about a witch, a curse, and a beautiful princess. But you have the story all wrong.

Her Date With Death

Short Story, Urban Fantasy

A woman goes on a blind date with Death. And Death is quite different from what she expected.

Smooth Talker

Short Story, Urban Fantasy


Zephyr can’t help that his voice compels people to do his bidding. Celeste never asked to be a demon handler, but she is the only one immune to his powers. Officer Peltier is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil his mission. The three of them face a crossroad when Zephyr is ordered to not simply uphold the law, but subvert it.







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