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Art Matters – Book Review

Updated: May 25, 2019

Be Bold. Be Rebellious. Choose Art. It Matters.

Brandie June reviews Art Matters by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Chris Riddell
My own book art taken by dumping the contents of my desk before taking this photo.

If you’ve read other reviews I’ve posted, you've probably noticed that I lean pretty heavily towards sci-fi and fantasy, especially of the YA variety. But as we enter the new year, it seemed the perfect time to post a review for a book that might help encourage you to write, or really be creative in any capacity that calls to your soul, and Art Matters* by Neil Gaiman (with fantastic illustrations by Chris Riddell) was just such a book.

This short collection of speeches, poems and creative manifestos served as an inspirational reminder of why art is important. Divided into four sections (Credo, Why Our Future Depends On Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming, Making A Chair, and Make Good Art), this read made me feel like I was listening to the wisdom of one of my favorite authors. In addition to why art is important (or dare I say why it matters), this book provided some well-time encouragement to someone who sees the goals they have (in my case, to write fantasy novels that get published and enjoyed by many) as good goals, even if it seems like they are at the top of a very steep mountain.

Plus, this pocket-sized book is a quick read, which is great when you want some words to inspire, but also time to get back to making your art. So, go and read it. Then make some art.

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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