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Brandie June in Fated Romance Fantasy Anthology Short Stories
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Orderly Misconduct

Short Story - Graphic Novel, Comedy Fantasy


The Elder Gods search for a new trickster god, but a simple

lawyer has a plan.

Camp Sarnath

Short Story - Graphic Novel, Comedy Fantasy


A story pitched as Calvin & Hobbes meet Elder Gods.

The Death Of Sleeping Beauty

Short Story, Horror Fantasy


You think you know the story about a witch, a curse, and a beautiful princess. But you have the story all wrong.

Her Date With Death

Short Story, Urban Fantasy

A woman goes on a blind date with Death. And Death is quite different from what she expected.

  • Fated: A Romantic Fantasy Anthology (Stormy Island Publishing)

  • Buy Here

Smooth Talker

Short Story, Urban Fantasy


Zephyr can’t help that his voice compels people to do his bidding. Celeste never asked to be a demon handler, but she is the only one immune to his powers. Officer Peltier is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil his mission. The three of them face a crossroad when Zephyr is ordered to not simply uphold the law, but subvert it.






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