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It’s a dark and stormy night. A group of mad scientists huddle around the monster they have created. The head scientist gives a knowing wink to his fellow cohorts before throwing the switch. Lightning flashes. Thunder booms. Electricity crackles through the room and the monster twitches.


Well, I wish it was a dark and stormy night, it’s actually a balmy day here in Los Angeles, only slightly overcast, but never mind that. And by scientists, I mean a bunch of writers and artists. But the monster is real. Sort of. It’s the Wannabe Press compilation of Lovecraft-inspired stories in a new graphic novel anthology! In total, Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos contains 38 stories in a 160-page hardcover collection. And I really love how diverse the stories are. I’m a sucker for a good retelling, and that’s what this anthology provides in spades (or in tentacles?). Some of the stories are heartfelt, other hilarious, still others are dark and creepy.

And did I mention that this will be my graphic novel debut? I contributed a fun little story that I described as Calvin and Hobbes meet Elder Gods. A young camper finds a new ‘friend’ at the bottom of a lake in my story, Camp Sarnath. I’m so excited to share this story, especially since my partner in crime for this piece, the talented Carolyn Carter, transformed my stick-figure outline into amazing art! It was incredible to watch the characters in my head come to life in vibrant color.

In order to really bring this monster, I mean anthology, to life, we need to raise the funds to create this book. I wish it was as easy as flipping a switch and harnessing the power of lightning, but apparently there are some safety restrictions with playing with lightning, so we have to resort to Plan B – our Kickstarter. As of right now, our Kickstarter has almost hit $10K of our $25,666 goal. That means some of the perks, such as a Cthulhu Cat digital print are already unlocked for the early bird backers. And doesn’t every home need a Cthulhu Cat digital print? Plus, just by checking out the page, you can get a free preview of the first 40 pages of this anthology. But fair warning weak mortal, reading the preview may lead to madness. I hope you check it out at

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