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It's An Honor To Be Nominated

Updated: May 25, 2019

My day job is pretty great. I work in marketing for kids and family entertainment. And while I sometimes wish I could simply write full-time, I also appreciate the opportunity to work on amazing films and TV shows. Anyone who knows me will attest to my absolute love of animation, especially my husband after two of the last shows we binged watched together were Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I will always be a big kid at heart. And while there are always ups and downs, yesterday was a big up as I got to attend the Annie Awards. The Annies are a prestigious award show for achievements in animation. The film my company is putting out, In This Corner Of The World, was nominated for Best Feature Independent. I love this movie, it's a heartfelt story of a young girl living near Hiroshima during WWI. And while we didn't win, it was thrilling to know our film was still considered one of the top animated films. Plus, I got to dress up super fancy and get my picture on the red carpet!

Brandie June at the Annie Awards

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