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Short Stories For The Win

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I keep an Excel sheet of my short story submissions. This is so I can keep track of what stories I have submitted to what contest/magazine/anthology, and it makes it easy to reference if a story is currently out on a submission or if I can send it somewhere else. I really like my Excel docs for keeping track of that sort of thing. It helps me stay organized. But it also can feel like a long list of failure. I started sending out stories in 2017, and aside from a few honorable mentions in some contests, I have had nothing but a steady string of rejections until recently. And I’ll admit, it sometimes felt discouraging to look at the long list of rejections and wonder if I’d ever have an ‘accepted’ note in the results column.

It would have been easy to give up. A story never submitted is also one never rejected. But there is a part of me that is desperate to succeed, no matter the obstacles that come in my way. And it was that stubborn streak that encouraged me to continue to send out story after story. And now it’s starting to pay off. In the last three weeks, three of my short stories have been accepted into anthologies and earlier this year another short was accepted into a magazine. I’m rather blown away by how quickly this has happened. But it is a wonderful reminder to myself that success comes in pieces, and those wins will never happen if you don’t play the game.

I have no idea when I’ll place my next story, or most importantly, when a book of mine will sell, but I know I will keep putting them out there, keep writing and keep submitting, because that’s the only way I can keep sharing my stories. And if you’re writing, I hope you do the same. In the classic words of Galaxy Quest, “Never give up. Never surrender!”

And while I can’t say much on my soon-to-be-published shorts, here’s a sneak peek at each to wet your appetite. I’ll be sure to post more about them as that information is released.

“Camp Sarnath”

A story pitched as Calvin and Hobbes meet Elder Gods coming out in the Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell: The Terrible Twos graphic novel anthology from Wannabe Press. This is the sequel anthology to Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell.

Brandie June The Death Of Sleeping Beauty in Death's Sting Anthology

The Death Of Sleeping Beauty

A dark retelling of Sleeping Beauty to be included in Death's Sting from Rogue Blades Entertainment.

Brandie June Romantic Fantasy Anthology Fated

Her Date With Death

A surprising romantic fantasy short that was accepted into Fated by Stormy Island Publishing.

Smooth Talker

In an alternative universe, a demon with mind control powers is conscripted to work for the government. Coming to ​Alternate History Fiction Magazine, Issue 8, from Wolfian Press.

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