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YA Books Central Review Of Curse Undone

“Amazing conclusion to the series . . . Fans of YA fantasy and retellings will delight in this unique spin on the Rumpelstiltskin classic.” —YA Book Central

Thrilled to post this review of Curse Undone from Lillian McCurry at YA Books Central. Warning: there are some Gold Spun spoilers in this review.

Amazing conclusion to the series! CURSE UNDONE by Brandie June is the final book in the Gold Spun duology, a YA fantasy that takes the Rumpelstiltskin classic and turns it on its head. *Please note that this review may have spoilers to the first book in the series. Read at your own risk.* CURSE UNDONE picks up where book one left off with Casper and Nor running from their fae captors. Casper no longer knows if he can trust Nor, but he is left with little choice as they run for freedom. However their freedom is brief, and they find themselves in even dire straits than they began with.

The events of this book are breathtaking. I loved the world building in book one and the subtle foreshadowing to what was coming in this book. It is well done, fully integrated into the plot without having large info-dumps. Nor is faced with heartbreaking truths about her family and their origins. These truths affect how she views herself and all she’s ever known. Now in the heart of the fae court she finds herself in more danger than she realizes and family she never knew she had. With hard choices to make, Nor must decide what she will do for those she loves.

I do not envy Nor and the position she is placed in. I loved seeing the story unfold from her perspective. It added urgency to her plight. I found myself rooting for her and even disappointed at times with her choices. As cunning as Nor is, she is also too trusting. This trust gets her in SO much trouble.

As much as I like Nor, I love the new characters as well. Lorella is a fae princess who cares for Nor as she recovers in the court. She is a wonderful addition to the cast, providing a fae character that you can like and grow to love. Pel is also back, and I loved seeing him here. While he didn’t know much about him in book one, we learn more about his choices and feelings for Nor.

Overall, I really enjoyed CURSE UNDONE. The pace of the plot is unrelenting which means I read this one in almost one sitting. I thoroughly enjoyed Nor’s adventure as well as how she handles all that she learns about herself and her family. Fans of YA fantasy and retellings will delight in this unique spin on the Rumpelstiltskin classic.

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