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I Wrote My First Play 3 Years Ago

Updated: May 25, 2019

Brandie June after a 24-Hour Play

You know those 'on this day' posts on Facebook that remind you of what you've posted on this day in years past? I occasionally look at mine, OK, I often look at mine, usually to reminisce about get togethers with friends or tasty foods I felt like sharing with the world. But today I was reminded of a blog I wrote for Theatre Unleashed, the theatre company I'm a member of. This blog was how I had just written my first play, a short scene based on Mario Kart for a 24-Hour Show. And while it was fun to remember that first show, and how nerve-wracked I was to write a scene in less than a day, it also served as a special reminder of just how far I've come in the last three years. All too often, I fall into the terrible mindset of feeling like I haven't accomplished enough (no matter how much I have done). Well, today I want to take a moment to appreciate that in the last few years, I've written a bunch of short plays that have been performed in multiple theatres in Los Angeles. And I have the drafts of several full-length plays in the works and will have my first stand-alone show up at Fringe this year. And none of that would have happened if I hadn't taken the chance to write that first time. Bonus, I also performed in a show that night in a Halo-inspired skit that involved me wearing a trench coat, sequined top and blue wig. I rather think I rocked that look. Below is the video of my first play - Department of Nintendo Videogames. The whole thing was written, directed and preformed in 24-hours!

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