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Interview With Author Jason Offutt

It’s spooky season, which is when I love to curl up with a great horror book. I recently got to chat with author Jason Offutt about his latest novel, The Girl In The Corn.

Headshot of author Jason Offutt
Author Jason Offutt

What is The Girl In The Corn about?

A young boy named Thomas discovers a tiny woman in the garden. She follows him throughout his life and drags him through an unseen hell that may, or may not, be all of her doing.

Why is this a perfect read for spooky season?

I’m firmly convinced the most terrifying entities are small. You can’t get much smaller than a fairy.

You’ve written sci-fi and horror. What’s similar and what’s different when you write in these different genres?

My sci-fi tends to be humorous, my horror, not so much. That said, I’m a tremendous smart ass so there will be at least some humor in my horror, however, it is vastly overshadowed by suspense and all the murder.

You write a lot about mythology and monsters. What are some of your favorites?

Norse and Native American. Both are so rich with history and imagery, peace and war, love, jealousy and hate—all the struggles we have to endure as human beings. These always take a backseat to Greek mythology, when they shouldn’t.

What is your writing process?

I write every day at the same time in the same place with the same drink, same snack, and music in the background. I write for two hours then go cook dinner and hang out with my family. I’m a pantser, so I have an idea of what I want to have happen, then transcribe what my characters tell me.

What’s the best place to follow you?

Author site:

Twitter (X): @TheJasonOffutt

Instagram: TheJasonOffutt

Facebook: TheJasonOffuttAuthor

Threads: TheJasonOffutt

Bluesky: TheJasonOffutt

Cover of The Girl In The Corn by Jason Offutt

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